Use me Softly
Use me Softly

produzione La Luna Dance Center
coreografie Simona Ficosecco
regia Cristiano Marcelli
con Simona Ficosecco e Daniela Manetta

Nowadays people are often called “users” but as “users” we are all used. This peace is about the usage of people. In a public sense, by a system, specially in Italy where the country has been used by politics for too many years and in a private sense: everybody need to use somebody.

My education in dance is influenced by european expressionist dance theater. This influence is translated by my instinct and my daily experience and all the problems that women have to deal nowadays deciding to stay living in Italy.

I follow my feelings and my instinct. A start for creation could be whatever: a dream, a word, and idea, something, something I read. I chose dancers for each piece among many of dancers that decided to study and grow up with me for 30 years now.


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