Niko Noki

CLASSI: Breaking Techniques / Knowledge

nikonokiNIKO NOKI is an hip hop dancer, author, composer, artistic director, born in the suburbs of Paris. He is one of the members of the PCB group (Paris City Breakers), founded in the early 1980s when hip hop culture arrived in France. Activist of this culture since 1982 he will participate in the cult TV show HIP HOP in 1984, After being one of the most prolific BBOY of his generation and have traveled all over Europe to share his passion, he turns towards musical production and rap in the early 90s. he obtains his first Platinum record with PASSI in 1997, participates in the project BISSO NA BISSO (double gold disc). Fan of Latin music, in 1998 he created the group ORISHAS; he has already composed more than half of the classic album “A lo cubano” before bringing together the artists who will compose the mythical group. Records of gold and platinum in several countries and more than one million copies sold reward his work, he receives a GRAMMY AWARDS as best producer for ORISHAS album “Emigrante”. The music he composes is more and more used in movies (BAD BOY, FAST AND FURIOUS …), he then turns to music in the image for the cinema (TAXI3, ONG BAK …), and the ‘animation. While continuing to compose for artists in France and abroad. He does not forget his first passion, the Hip Hop dance, and supports dance companies by making their soundtrack. We find him as a judge in battles of BBOYING, of Paris, during JUST DEBOUT, in San Francisco, for JUST4ROCKERS or BATTLE VNR.